Format Research

Research into format design that will inform my practical printed products.

The type of format needs to contain the postmodern formula, and so some element of reveal and conceal needs to be achieved. The format below could work for a colour coded system where the designs are concealed inside the envelopes. The die cut element would show the colour but nothing else of what is contained. In order for information to be hidden, an interactivity aspect would be added to this kind of format.

Another idea was to use perforation to reveal the information that would be hidden, and so in this case, as publication is opened by the viewer ripping the perforated strip in order to open the book. This could work for an envelope format too.

Another idea would be to use postcards, that are small and contact. This could work well by storing different categories on each card, and gives an opportunity for them to be double sided. These postcards are held together by rubber band, though cards could be stored or hidden in envelopes or boxes, so this could be an option.

By designing postcards, different information would be stored on each card, and each card could have perforated strips that gradually peel away to reveal more and more information. This would be more interactive than simply having postcards that come out of an envelope. Or the envelope could be perforated itself. The whole point of revealing the formula in this way is that it feels exclusive to the person that opens it.

In another example, books could be stored in a box, layered up some kind of order. This could also feel interactive.

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