Trendlist: Postmodernism For A Digital Age?


Trendlist presents itself outwardly as a digital source of information for designers to keep up to date with current trends, though it could also be viewed as a manifestation of digital technology being used to inform designers on what graphic design 'should' look like. It is additionally something that is a kind of by-product of images blogged on sites such as Tumblr, Ffffound and Designspiration, and collated into groups that present aesthetic similarities. Much of the work shown on the site expresses symptoms of postmodern application in relation to graphic design, and display use of deconstruction, pluralism, vernacular and conceptuality, or to use the correct terms; scanned, left, right, up, down, wiggles, stretched and frame.

Using simplistic language, and drawing basic similarities onto work produced in the last 3 or 4 years poses questions such as what is contemporary graphic design informed by? Can anyone become a graphic designer through using websites such as Trendlist and Tumblr if it largely formed by using a set of rules of purely style over any kind of substance? As designers seem to create postmodern work in a very instinctual way, these kinds of observations have become a second nature, and this may be why this kind of website exists. We accept that this is the way design has progressed.

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